The munin async client reads from a spool directory written by munin-asyncd.

It can optionally request a cleanup of this directory.


--spooldir | -s <spooldir>

Directory for spooled data [/var/lib/munin/spool]

--hostname <hostname>

Overrides the hostname [The local hostname]

This is used to override the hostname used in the greeting banner. This is used when using munin-async from the munin master, and the data fetched is from another node.


Clean up the spooldir after interactive session completes


Clean up the spooldir and exit (non-interactive)


Enables the “spool” capability [no]


Enables the “vectorized” fetching capability [no]

Note that without this flag, the “fetch” command is disabled.

--verbose | -v

Be verbose

--help | -h

View this message


munin-async --spoolfetch

This starts an interactive munin node session, enabling the “spoolfetch” command. This does not connect to the local munin node. Everything happens within munin-async, which reads from the spool directory instead of connecting to the node.


See munin for an overview over munin.

See also Asynchronous proxy node for more information and examples of how to configure munin-async.