Munin-cron is a part of the package Munin, which is used in combination with munin-node.

Munin is a group of programs to gather data from Munin’s nodes, graph them, create html-pages, and optionally warn Nagios about any off-limit values.

“munin-cron” runs the following programs, in the given order:

  1. munin-update
  2. munin-limits

For munin 2.0 it additionally runs the following programs (unless configured for CGI):

  1. munin-graph
  2. munin-html

Unless the munin master is configured otherwise, “munin-cron” should run every 5 minutes.


--service <service>

Limit services to <service>. Multiple –service options may be supplied. [unset]

--host <host>

Limit hosts to <host>. Multiple –host options may be supplied. [unset]

--config <file>

Use <file> as configuration file. [/etc/munin/munin.conf]


See munin for an overview over munin.

munin-update, munin-limits, munin.conf,