Munin is a group of programs to gather data from hosts, graph them, create html-pages, and optionally warn contacts about any off-limit values.

Munin master

The Munin master contains the following command line programs:

Munin 2.0 contains the following additional command line programs:

  • munin-graph to create graphs from data contained in rrd-files. Usually run by munin-cron unless graph_strategy is set to “cgi” in munin.conf.
  • munin-cgi-graph is used to provide graph images on demand (if graph_strategy is set to “cgi”).
  • munin-html to draw html-pages on an Munin installation. Usually run by munin-cron unless html_strategy is set to “cgi” in munin.conf.
  • munin-cgi-html is used to provide HTML pages on demand (if graph_strategy is set to “cgi”).

Munin node

The munin node consists of the following programs


  • munin-node runs on all nodes where data is collected.
  • munin-asyncd is a daemon that runs alongside a munin-node. It queries the local munin-node, and spools the results.

Command line scripts

  • munin-node-configure can automatically configure plugins for the local node.
  • munindoc outputs plugin documentation.
  • munin-run runs a plugin with the same environment as if run from munin-node. Very useful for debugging.
  • munin-async is a command line utility, known as an “asynchronous proxy node”. munin-update can connect via ssh and run munin-async this to retrieve data from the munin async spool without waiting for the node to run plugins.


Jimmy Olsen, Audun Ytterdal, Brian de Wolf, Nicolai Langfeldt