munin-update is the primary Munin component. It is run from the munin-cron script.

This script is responsible for contacting all the agents (munin-nodes) and collecting their data. Upon fetching the data, munin-update stores everything in RRD files - one RRD files for each field in each plugin.

Running munin-update with the –debug flag will often give plenty of hints on what might be wrong.

munin-update is a component in the Munin server.


--config_file <file>

Use <file> as the configuration file. [/etc/munin/munin.conf]


Log debug messages.


If set, log messages to STDERR on the screen.


If set, will fork off one process for each host. Can be negated with –nofork [–fork]

--host <host>

Limit fetched data to those from <host<gt>. Multiple –host options may be supplied. [unset]

--service <service>

Limit fetched data to those of <service>. Multiple –service options may be supplied. [unset]

--timeout <seconds>

Set the network timeout to <seconds>. [180]


Print the help message then exit.


Print version information then exit.


See munin for an overview over munin.