The munin async daemon connects to a munin node periodically, and requests plugin configuration and data.

This is stored in a spool directory, which is read by munin-async.


--spool | -s <spooldir>

Directory for spooled data [/var/lib/munin/spool]

--host <hostname:port>

Connect a munin node running on this host name and port [localhost:4949]

--interval <seconds>

Set default interval size [86400 (one day)]

--retain <count>

Number of interval files to retain [7]


Disable automated spool dir cleanup


Fork one thread per plugin available on the node. [no forking]

--verbose | -v

Be verbose

--help | -h

View this message


See munin for an overview over munin.

See also Asynchronous proxy node for more information and examples of how to configure munin-asyncd.